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Sunday, October 2, 2011

birthday boiii..

Hello readers.
Hello october.
Hello new day.
hello me :D
hmmm * roll eyes *
what should i post for todays.
seems everybody are waiting for my full day activities,
for yesterday that i post up in facebook.

yesterday activities :
> hangouts at KL with El****
* movie
* shopping at Low Yat
* tea time at Old town, Times Square
* Pyramid
> fetch up birthday boi
* meet up steady gang at Zanmai suShi.
* @live :D

im not goin to post anything more word in my blog.
cause i bet that all of you love to see pictures,
more than reading ryte?
am i ryte, my dear readerss......

that's me..
my friend said i look gorgeous.
am i?
lol ! but i still feel im fat and Ugly :(
anyway thkx for comment.
Dinner time !
hungry aaa !!
Hot Ocha :D
Sharon.Kim Hang.Sam
Me.Elevis.Kae Chyn.Rachel
Sushi lorrrrrr..
I love this !!
Bento? Elevis meal !
Sharon with her beef noodle
( i tink is beef noodles)
Rachel meal.
dont know wad she ate :p
Oh my Gawdddd..
my eye bag :'(
getting worst each day !!
me and my Chicken katsudon :D
Les Gars :D
from left :
Kim Hang.Kae Chyn.Elevis.Sam
Les Dames
from left :
All start teasing each other.
lols !
serious crazy gang.
Mesdames et Messieurs
from left :
Sharon.Sam.Kim Hang.Rachel
The gangs with birthday boy :D
back from left :
sam.Kim Hang.
Bottom from left :
Sharon.Birthday boi (kae chyn).Rachel
lol ! all try want to punch her.
but she still feel happy -.-!
Pictures time....
The sweet family...
still got some of them did not attend.
members who did not attend are :(
Kellie.Chun Hoe.Cheong Yick.Pink.Xiao Hua.
all bout today :D
hope can take a big group pictures in 2011 !
i want my family Pictures in 2011 !
lovessss from the lil naughty girl :D
and love my blogwalkers too !
take care ! and happy birthday to birthday boi !

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