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Monday, March 14, 2011


ait! ait!
weeeeeee! my favourite pic (:
non edit jst add in frame and name oly!
This pic is tat day having break.
ehehehe! with my roommates! (:
me! me!
13th March 2011!
The Taylorian In Penang training all having buffet dinner.
but at the first me and Kei2 went for french manicure.
but i wan change my manicure colour :(
we had our buffet dinner at Tao,AutoCity (:
at Tao (:
our buffet dinner!
me and kei2 (:
otw to Gurney!
we busy camwhore :p
at Tao dy (:
me and Cute Kunno!
weeee (:
taking pic with both LengLui (:
Kei2 and Kunno!
me and kei2 again~
both love to camwhore all the time (:
2nd pic (:
Candid Pic (:
looks like Kunno crying,im the 1 who comfort her.
kei2/soya(me)/kunno/shin yee~
Kunno/Shin Yee/Soya(me)
me and my biie..
weeet! weeet!
hope his boyfie dnt kill me (:
again three of us (:
love this picha lots~~~
hahahah! love this picha tooo!
3 of us again~~~~
after eating our dinnner non_stop.
now had a break to busy camwhore (:
i look fat :((((
our manicure!
french manicure (:
left is kei2
right is mine (:
i love this pic.
dont know why....
but look so damn fucking chubby :(
our bill (:
love love love!!!!
love to see this long of bill!!!
when u pay the money oso syiok!
_End For Tonight_
_time for me to rest_
_tomorrow need hang out again_

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