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Friday, February 11, 2011

the silly princess soya :p

Princess Soya's favourite :)
found it in guest room.
hehehe! so bad geh me :(
hope my boss din c dis :p

Princess Soya is here :p
my working face..
jst end my work i oly can release my hair..
pity my straight hair let me bun it.
huhuhuhuhuhu o(T.T)o
Soya finger bcum pig fingers le..
u look at the line tat under my fingernails.
bengkak le la...
pain for 3 days still cant recover :'(

i join housekeeping i get the pain,
but i gain the knowledge and skill..
i get the benefit :)
i tink it's worth it,baby!
tat's my 1st time working.
i know the pain. i feel the pain.
My off day on 10feb.
the crazy Soya.
wasting my time in the room whole day doin report.
the due date on 10feb and i doin my report on 10feb.
wad a hardworking little soya.
super duper last mins work :)
used to it la..

since i came to Penang,
i change a lot..
my attitude and behavior.
but my stubborn and easily get angry and merajuk.
feel myself get into worst.
i seriously need someOne to get me out thru dis life.
maybe my parents not with me..
i nid someOne to pamper me alot...
the good things for me is :
i learn to be come an independent girl.
solve problem.
helping each other.

* thankx for this training and HIM *
He used to tell me bcum a responsible girl if anything happen to me.
thkx alot Daddy's Choco <3!

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