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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

find a way back to love myself.

simple update again~~~
wiit! wiit!
today got a guest give Soya trouble :(
why like tat!
but some of the guest kinda funny cux can joke...
got a mdm. she jk lot with me.
she said i cute cux i kept laugh ==!
she asked me to go to her cafe work.
jst smile and serve customer enuff dy.
LoL!! if i smile 24/7 i tink my mouth :s
cant imagine it.i love to smile and laugh lots.
dont know why. mayb tat's me (:

Soya latest pic (:
i having my supper with my FO Sisters (:
and FnB bro&sis.
FO sisters kept laughing at me the way i treat the guest.
they said i laugh lots no matter wad happen >.
we joke lots till we laugh out loud,like the hotels belong to our.
hahaha! kinda fun have simple supper with them (:
the little Soya getting chubby and Chubby dy.
am i ryte?
since i come to Penang i look diff.
hope i grow more mature.
now i understand bout working life,
tat used to face diff kind of humans around the world.
we must learn to face it and gud in solving prob.
hehe.. i observe dis while i working in FO.

This Pic.
CNY. my frens come visit me.
nola.. they come Penang pplay sun Bian visit me.
kinda happy although jst spend with the few hours.
but i so malu wan talk with some of them. hehehe!
this is the groupie pic <3!
TQ alot (:
nice to meet them (:

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