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Thursday, December 16, 2010

December baby!!!! part 1 !

isit it cute?
my book or the stationary?
The pencil is my manager give us,
as a exam present >.
WooT!! WooT!!
Christmas is around the corner..
Soya wish u all merry x'mas.
hope u can celebrate with your great 1 :')
so i will start post from my x'mas tree sin.
This on 12December.
we took out our green tree.
we prefer to egt a white tree but all size small >.
so me and my lil sis busy decorate the tree :')

The DoraemonS...
hohohoh. so cute le :'0)
The Balls ==?
sounds weirdo..
Pine :')
Finally we done the tree.
but this year is my lil sis put the STAR!
cause every year also i put geh.
she said not fair. so i let her put it xD
This is on 6th December.
we went for outing study.
Purchasing subject =D
LoL! sot sot Alicia :p
This is on 10th Dec.
my Service class menu :')
The manager is so damn cool.
we finally go thru a prefecto Job :')
i finally manage to handle 4plates on my left hand..
feel proud le..
but still nid to training on coffee and tea part.
cux so damn heavy :'(
Christmas theme.
My table :')
all busy set up..
this picture i took from manager without permission :0
Soup of the night.
Yum cha with chef chef sekalian.
Christmas present from daddy and mommy <3!
Wine presentation.
LoL! all feel sleepy >.
Stresss! Stress! Stress!
Final 1st year.
OMG! feel like killing me.
Next week is the day..
[(Kitchen theory,FnB Theory,Front Office Theory(Term1.2.3),food science
and Purchasing]= 1 paper.
language= 1 paper
business math.statistic.account and plant&premises= 1paper.
can die wey!!

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