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Friday, December 24, 2010

the horrible day had over!

arluuuuuuuuuuuuu ^~^
Soya back back back le!!!
at last my exam End!
End a!!! Rarrww!!!!
22~23Dec i had my Final First Year exam.
i can't believe is just a Final First year.
and my eye become like that.
my eyebag!
mg! i seriously need to recover it.
if not very hard to go out without wearing spec.

And i had to used eye mask every day!!
woot! on 20Dec 2010,mon.
i go to library study alone!
at the first with frens.
but they all don't know go where ==!
then i go find my favourite private place.
hehehehe! too sleepy on that time so i capture dis.
improve my photographer skill.
my lappy!
i think is studying bout kicthen theory.
The place i love the most!
i think u know at which level gua =D
i plan to take this place cux wan to absorb sunlight.
but too bad.
that time the weather is cloudy.
no sun! Gahh!! no energy.
lucky got the song pump me up ^~^
wine Dinner!
with Taylorian.
that time i having high fever.
my eye bag start to come out.
exam time i had :-
fever.bad flu.sore throat.sress.
nice wey!!! make me sick for a week.
till now still flu ==!
White wine.Red wine.SParkling wine.
main coarse.
i love this.
who can make for me ^~^
watashiwa daitsuki des!
have Tang Yuan festive.
but i didn't eat o(T.T)o
cux i went to bed early.

Today i have lunch with my besties.
Chin and Kien. omg! i wish kellie was there too.
kinda miss her. miss our highschool life.
used to talk a lot bout bf/gf and go on.
but now i feel like im alone.
2 of my frens couple le. just me and chin, single.
so balance hor.. i wan go back to 2009 life o(T.T)o
i need somone to talk. someone to make me laugh.
owex hyper around.shop around.have meal 2gther.
am i too lonely or wad? i got a bunch of frens=no frens ==!

Frens used to said:
Move on and don't look back.
if u still wan the things that not belong to you,
in the end turns out HURT.
Don't try to love SomeOne that he/she not loving or appreciate you.
Just make it as a lesson, u love at the wrong person.
It good if you give up on him and it's good he left u you.
It will let you see more in your future.

till now i still didn't have the brave to face the problem.
he had his happiness and life now.
and i have mine but without him.
all i need to do is just to wake up and face everything.

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