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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Actually today is plan to celebrate Wan's birthday.
at last he didnt reply me.
mean he ffk,not me.
so fine!!! fire burning!!

then i ajak my lil bro and lil sis accompany go Sunway.
so so so so so so so
at the 1st kinda moody till i bring tat two lil monkeys go out.
everythings change ♥!!!
hearts them =)
before reach there.two monkeys ask for McD sin!!
1st round for makan.
den i we went to drive thru mcD dapao fries and nuggets =)

Reach sunway dy.
we shop shop shop till i saw a dress.
i wanna buy the dress badly.
but the cloth's type so char.
den i din buy it >.<"""
i wan it badly!!!!!
Fine.then go Makan Nihon food!!
2nd Round for makan dy.
finis having meal dy.
again eat for 3rd Round,buy waffle.wahahahahahaha.

Drove back home.
we again eat for 4th round.
wahahahahaha.Claypot rice and chicken soup(yummy)
tat time i feel vry full dy.omg =~=
then again go for 2nd round shopping.
wahahahahaha.till i found the heels very leng.
then i 55 bought it.if not i'll regret for not buy it.
wahahahahahaha.shop for awhile.
we go back.

Reach home dy.
i again eat for 5th round.
choco Sticks and a glass of milk =~=
Fat liao! Fat liao! This time really gaining weight dy.
wuwuwuwuwuwuwu o(T.T)o

enjoy the pictures la.
o(^6^)v TeeHeee!!!!

the Model!!
Future model??
nah~~ Inside my dream got la.
me lu~~~~~~
edit too much >.<"" I bought this movie at Pyramid.
The Jap's restaurant resit.
Table 16 =)
owex sit the same table.
The Heels tat i bought

Its hard for me to forget you.
but i had tried my best to remove our memories.
deleted ur pictures and messages tat keep for long time ago.
since u left me that day,
i have to move on alone and leave u behind.
hope you dont grab my hand and leave me again.
i dont 1 u treat me like tat anyMore.
since that day u leave my hand,
You just leave it.
i'm not ur Toys.
i'm Just a simply girl that fullfill with feelings.
All the best for your future.
Bye to you and Bye for me.

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