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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Hola! i'm back.
Amanda Mommy asked me to Update my bloody blog.ahahaha!
I change my name to SoyaMiLk dy.
next time saw me mst called me soyaMiLk.
I'm so so so so so busy.
for this week cux i rushing all my last minutes assignment.
can die a.
No More Last Minutes Homeworks for me pls!
(i warn myself not to have Last minutes Homeworks for more than 10times)
(but i stilll do it.Fine)
so.this week.
busy with Culinary.RDOD.Bussiness assignment.Bussines Final term exam.
Death 99.

but at last i quite like my presentation.
cux my member so semangat! haha! Cheers!!!!
so so so so so so so so so.............
from next week onwards i will having my Geo Final Terms Exam.
till the exam week(dnt ask me wen,cux i dnt knw wen >.<)
death99.i din prepare at all.
i need burn midnight oil again.sien~

yesterday Had YeD carnival?
wadever a.just a Carnival in school.
i Met CheongYick in school.
happy sei me.purposely frm sego go Taylor visit me.
wahahahahahaha.ps.actually is visit.
Sharon & me(Diploma in hospitality)
RuiChin,PingZheng and Azrai(foundation in business)
KaiSheng(Diploma in Culinary)
KaeChyn(foundation in programming)
but i dont knw he saw
Andrew,Nigel(foundation in Science(i 4gt jor,i tink they took dis coarse)ont?
sharon told me Matthew,Aisyah and the Gang got came to Taylor oso.
too bad din met dou them :'(

nothing to blog liao.
let the pics talk bout it =="

me wor,the sor po soyaMiLk.drink too much Soya bcum like tat.
my face look like ghost.
edit too much dy >.<
Business assignment.
do it before end class.
at Sunway Pyramid.
Makan lu~
lol.sot liao.
i kept took pic oly.

this pics took on 14June2010.
before class all busy CamWhore >.<
My warm frenzs =)
too many pple dy,
so nid to split it.
ps >.<
Friends =)
busy weeks.
Gambateh SoyaMiLk.
i can do it!
Amanda mommy teach me this word 'Be Strong =)'
Be strong till the end =)
Miss Kellie Chong!
Kellie Chong u saw this word dy ont? IMY :')
miss him too! sienz.

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