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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Trip to Genting with Friends <3

Maemi Ta Dai Ma! miss all my readers :)
Genting Highland,Pahang

Babes: XiaoHua,Kellie,RuiChin,YokeKien&Me




stay there 3days 2nights :D

the 1st day 18

SomBong fetch come my house fetch me.
he kept ask gift from me! then he bring us go McD makan.
I was like,Duh! early in the morning makan McD?
no comment.
I din eat la.
Just c they makan nia.
Then continue in The car crapping around.LoL

we met YokeKien&FongYu at school. then we took taxi to bus terminal :X
then met up everybody :) we took bus >> cable car.
reach le.We check in la.Those hotel stuff la.
We are hungry T.T
*makan*Shopping*go minum cocktail
*Spa Leg*take cold air :D
____Take Picture ____

2nd day
i woke up the early around 7am :D
*eat at hou mei* Theme Park Everybody were cold.
cux outsit is Raining+mist!
*supercold! i'm freezing. hohoho.
cux i wear short pant,coat&T-shirt :D

*Makan *masuk hotel *suddenly got problem
*i just go out took cold air
,to make myself chill down from 4pm__9pm :D syiok
when back hotel _Some of them Go Lam Fong Consert_
*Spa my leg*eat Mcd*Talking *Go out again*met friends*Take cold air again
* i din slept for on that night*super tired*Take nap

3rd day(today)
5.30am.shower *Pack up.go take nap while other were taking shower :)
super cold! take cable car>Bus
*wait parents fetch us at 1Utama at waffer world makan

Sombong driving. hohoho. safe :)
Bus terminal,Toilet
In the bus.
woah! in the cable car station. crowded man :x
In the Cable car
Darling Yoke Kien&me
Darling Kellie&Ruichin include me :D
My 1st day meal :D
wanna go party liao.
LoL. The Lengzai :x he wear dis sunglass only can bcum lengzai.pity le. Me :D Darling Kellie :D
me& the lengzai :x
Spa leg. guess which 1 is mine :D
beside cloud :D
CockTail :)
hehe. at outsit taking cold air :D
act lan c!
Darling&me again
LoL. Macam Drug addict :x
wanna dance under the water splash with cold air+thick mist :)
Meeto,Darling& me
Theme park :D
The babes :)
mau naik bus?
The babes. Crazy&hyper gang :)
Cant see,Cant talk,Cant hear
Super Sejuk la.
Whatever,Loser,Peace LoL. Crazy member xD
The ultraman! Guess it.siapa itu! Mg! Ultraman didn't have Tanduk ok. siapa letak tanduk xD
hohohohoho. riding pirate ship :D
In Giordano.
kiss you! Sit on you! Poke you! xD
Waiting for Train :x
Sorry RuiChin ur face blur. The Babes.
opps !

Me :)
Lonely night at first world hotel:D
nice view.
Santa Claus&Snowman
I'm too happy liao.
In the bus :) the couple One.
The couple Two.
The Crazy babe three xD
Bye Genting!
*** EnJoy***


Jason Chen said...

u taking drug again!!?
suan la...

Vampire Maemi Nakamura said...

i din even touch those things b4.