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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Travel to Thailand :D

Maemi is back :)
i'm fucking miss you all.
especially my Darlings[All the babes]

The First Day
woke up around:4a.m
out from house:5a.m
reach Ipoh having Dim sum:8.30am
continue heading to Thailand,we reach there:3.09pm
Then we find our Hotel :s
we went to shop for shopping :)
i had shops a lot :x
night having dinner.
then we went to pasar malam :)
a lot things to eat wor.
back to hotel at:11.20pm
but in the hotel i cant sleep.
i miss my bed badly.their bed make me uncomfortable.
then i took some retarded picture xD
at last i fall asleep by watching television :)

The 2nd Day
woke up with blur face.damn sleepy man.
not enough sleep :(
we have our breakfast.
then visited to a lots of temple.
took some picture.in the afternoon.
i again shop :):):)
damn sampat.
in the night.we having dinner.
then again shop at pasar malam.
kept eat only :)
the back hotel in the same time as the first day.
i watch television again&had the McD Samurai pork burger :p

The 3rd Day which mean the last day:
i woke up:7.30am
i didn't woke up for my breakfast.
kinda lazy wanna eat.
then i don't know what time check out.
psps.then we heading to Pinang.
have our lunch :)
just that la.
lazy wanna write all.
so i write it as summary.
sorry reader :)
hope you forgive me :)

Thailand is a nice place to shop and enjoy the food.
but kinda poor in their service.
sorry to my friends[Thailand]
but i'll visit to the place next time :)

first day pic.
my sister took the pic of me :0
In the restaurant.
I cant finish all.
My first day oufit :)
In the car :0
Both retarded face
me&my mei.
love this picture alot :)
Petrol station
dont make me cry again.
retarded face.
My stuff.
except the bigbaby sandals.
De Coke
My sister took this picture.
In the hotel.
I like this dress.
nice ont?
Pasar malam.
took pic.
while my brother choose robot model.
I bought up Baby Milo T-shirt.
The 2nd outfit.
3rd outfit.
i like it.
The first day i cant sleep.
so i take retarded picture.
I like this pic a lot.
i Fat d.
BigBaby&me :)
nth to do.
in the temple :0
The sisters :)
forget at where d.
take picture.
The 3rd dress.
make me look fat.
so i dont like it.
I love this dress a lot
Samurai Pork Burger.
lame la.
having my supper :)
Bye Bye :)
i need heading to Penang le.
I enjoy my trip lots :)
My Dad bought this for my brother.
i like that black colour robot.
this too :)** EnJoy **


Jason Chen said...

like ur manchester united de o.
same brand with me o..
nike de...
copy a?..
then i like the black dress...
u wear de..
u fat?..
r u jokin...
wat r u doing now a?...
y u din find me de?


Vampire Maemi Nakamura said...

u copy me o?
i really fat le la.
so miss me o?

Jason Chen said...

ur shirt de brand nit nike meh?
not fat la baby..
sure miss baby ma..
go there din tell me..
what oso din tell me..
then now back jor everyday so kurang text me..
do wat oso din tell me..
wake up oso din tell me..
u oli will find me evening time..
juz text awhile..
then midnight...
i so sad de ma..
dun find me de..
say pei me pei me..
how wan angry u o..
no right to angry u oso...
but i got right to sad da..
yesterdat i oso a nit angry le la...
sad sad sad....
summore today wat oso din tell me...

Vampire Maemi Nakamura said...

sry la :(

Jason Chen said...

not scold baby la..
y wan pian zui a?
ben dan,,
juz not happy oli ma..

Vampire Maemi Nakamura said...

owex har me geh :s
sure pian zui la.

Jason Chen said...

where got har baby wor...
i sayang u de ma..
then not dare to har you oso..
later someone will cry de..
lie me la..
say ur family no money de..
i c ur dad de face oso noe liao lo...