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Saturday, December 5, 2009

text.Prom dress :)

Yesterday i slept around alomst 3am.Smiley
you what am i doing??
i was burning midnight oil & text with friends.Smiley
i dunno i got remember those things i had studied or not?
yesterday i text with:
Kok Yang aKa Soh LouSmiley
[he was YumCha with friends]
[maybe he lazy replied me.that's why i late receive his msg]
Jason Chen aKa Half vampireSmiley
[text till non stop.kept talk bout blood stuff]
[Mg! my favourite]
[sound's that i'm insane]
Yap aka Lame PigSmiley
[kept boom me]
[Talk bout life]

people who phone me:
Kurokami aKa my PetbroSmiley
My brother was a insane person.
my god!
he called me and crap around.
plus more i need talk in english!
when i talk in english.My word are mess up.
luckily i can BooM him till kao kao.
he told me that i'm genius.(i was like blur)
i genius pulak
(u knw why he said that to me? because he's genius.)
(that's why i only will become genius)
[i feel like wanna smack him]
then i ask him.
when go Japan?

i kept say i wanna go along.
but he say he don't want bring a troublesome go.
so sad.stupid brother.
when go back to Australia?
he say maybe two more years.
at last i win!!
because i got skill to boom him back.
that's my secret.
sorry bro!


Today i wish to share with you.
bout prom dress i search in the web.
i like those prom dress.
but some look too over.i wont choose it :)Smiley
so i'll tell you which one i like it.
kinda blur(wondering you'll understand what i mean or not)Smiley

Maemi retarded face
I love this dress alot.
hope i can get it.
this kind of dress Smiley

this black in colour.
i think i cant chooose this.
if i choose this.
i'll become Black panther on that day.
because the room is dark!Smiley

this also nice.
i like this too.
but too over d.
i cant choose it.
i mean the purple colour de.
not the blue.Smiley
this 1 too leave & Dull le.
** ENJOY **


SoRa said...

Waaa~!! T_T HU HU sad no text with me also

Vampire Maemi Nakamura said...

stupid sen sei..
u din text me..
some more said i din text u.

Jason Chen said...

text wit me till cant stop o..
but finnaly i kao kao le..
the dress looks nice leh..
keh keh..
n u looks cute too..
haha..(gelak terbahang bahang)
hey hey..
yor ..
y din reply my sms de?...
wenot juz chat blood lleh...
got many leh..
bear bear...

Vampire Maemi Nakamura said...

thkx dude :)
so funny mer..

i'll text u later

Jason Chen said...

okie la..
u like manchester united?..
i got one shirt too..
nike original (manchester united)de..
my daddy bought for me at the kilang nike de..

Vampire Maemi Nakamura said...

i'm their fans :)
i poor de.
so nid buy fake de :)

Jason Chen said...

always say u poor..
u so poor now meh?..
as long as urself not poor minded then gud la..
sha gua

Vampire Maemi Nakamura said...

again call me sha gua.

Jason Chen said...

cant meh?
sha gua
sha gua
sha gua
sha gua
sha gua
sha gua
sha guava
sha guava
sha guava
sha guava
sha gua cute ma..
suits you ma..
sha gua vampire..
kin da cute..
or baby bear bear?..
i think call wat oso nth de la..
cuz u oso cute jor ma..

Vampire Maemi Nakamura said...

mess up my name.

Jason Chen said...

now i din lo..
juz call baby then wont mess up lo..
but cant call u sha gua le..
later u spank me..
wu wu..
cry jor..

Anonymous said...

Thank u :) check out that emo boy one at this blog:

e. michelle said...

Hey, this may be weird, but I found your prom dress photos on google. I'm IN LOVE with the last one (light pink, tulle, empire waist, strapless). Where is it from?

Anonymous said...

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