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Thursday, December 10, 2009

free form exam :D

sorry readers i'm not scolding at you.
i scolding for nobody :x
now i feel very pek chik !Smiley
Don't know why suddenly fxcking moody!Smiley
sorry to all my friends that i did'nt reply you all's message.
cause i scare i will scold you all.

lets talk bout yesterday Smiley

yesterday was my last paper Commerce which mean perdagagan
and i was officially free from SPM exam Smiley
i end up my High School life
I'm Gonna miss up my high school life.Smiley
i gonna miss the SPM like fxck Smiley
when we end up the exam.

BH558D010,Jessie Tee
Then HuiPink fetch me back Klang.
MingYik followed HuiPink.
but suddenly they phoned CheingYick aKa Mouse.
he at house.so they go fetch him.
then only fetch me back.till i reach home.
they came in my house talked with my mom.
LOL.they wanna bring me go Jusco eat Smiley
Hurray Smiley

Bkt Tinggi Jusco

me only lo but with shopping outfit.
Ming Yik,HuiPink,cheongYick

at the first we just wanna have dinner then go back.
but at last back around 9pm Smiley
i text Mei Ying,cause i wanna met her.
but she watching movie with her frinds so i late met her.
then i followed the went Padini buy shirt.
but i did'nt buy la.i just see only.
then i was bored with it.
i go see wallets & shoes Smiley
so nice ler.feel wanna buy those stuff.
but no enough money.so cant buy just can see.
but i'll bring more money go there shop till my wallet empty

end up shopping Smiley
my stomach were starving.i told them.
at last they only bring me go eat.
when we on the way to the shop.
Mei Ying my darling,text me.Smiley
and we met up.hohohohoho.so happy man Smiley
then finish talking.
we having out dinner at BBQ Plaza Smiley
CheongYick aka Mouse
(kept say must called him Lengzai Mouse) Smiley
MingYick Smiley
then we talk alot Smiley
and i wat alot at there too.
first time i went out order two white rice Smiley
I gonna gain my weight Smiley
then i saw the love birds.
LoonHeng & ChuYing having dinner at BBQ PLaza.
haha.they dating gua.
didn't talk with them.just smile with them only Smiley

The sohai Smiley
hipe e wont view my blog.
if not i gonna give him say till kao kao Smiley
8th November 2009
In my study room.
study commerce/perdagagan
but i kept taking picture Smiley
cause tat time i'm very very sleepy.
Candid :)
macam yes right?
but insise my brain nothing de Smiley
cause i thinking my bed Smiley
My Books.
colourful Highlight pens
& my Mp4 Smiley
** Enjoy **


Huan said...

haha... so nice oh that picture... the one first picture you studying one... haha... XD

and don't care about gain weight... just eat... eating is the best thing to do in this world... hahaha... XDXD

Vampire Maemi Nakamura said...

my stupiak pic.

later fat fat.
damn ugly de ler.