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Friday, November 6, 2009

My Graduation day <3 :)

Maemi Ta Dai ma!!
watashiwa shiawase des!
today i having my graduation day :)
i had promise u all took few pictures rite??
at last i did it!
hope u all enjoy it :)


In my room!

Reach jor!
the 1st teacher who wish me..
My english teacher(Ms.Venni)
Me > Eng.Teacher > Sharon
Thankx teacher!
My cousin Sister & I
My Aunt & I
My Graduation Day!
Kindi&Fifth Former graduation's day!
The school's CEO & Me
Captured by dady!
woot :)
My frenzs& I
Dady&me :)
Mommy&me :)
Both of my parents&me :o
Both of my cousin Brother!
School Principles&me
My uncle&I
include my cutie cousin bro~
Keat yu&me :)
The girls~
except hui pink..the dude!
Again Both of us!
:) :'( :x
The babes!
sweet hugzz!
Bigg HUGZZ!!
Yum Cha!
kurang satu orang...

! End !
i'll Remember the moment that..
we having in the school!

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