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Saturday, November 28, 2009

movies of the days =D

Today is my baby be the host
27 november 2009
having family day Smileys
we went for a movie
luckily i bought the ticket few hours ago Smileys
if not sure because we cant bought the ticket on time Smileys
it's full Smileys
we went for 2010 movie
the movie quite nice.
the graphic very nice too.
hard 2 explain..
wan know..
just go to the cinema and just buy up the movie ticket Smileys

i at starbuck bought Choco Cream Chip.
bought in the cinema secretly
My sit Smileys
for 2010 movieSmileys
26 november 2009
we having family days too :D
we went for movie too...
Christmas carol Smileys
nice storyline,nice graphic
if u want watch the movie.
you watch 3D better

my sit for the movie Smileys
Just for today gua
hope tonight will be fun..
without parents in the house Smileys
we gonna rock up the house



Huan said...

2012 really that nice oh...? many friends say nice... but don't feel like want to watch ... -.-

Vampire Maemi Nakamura said...

nice a...
but some of my frenz say not nice :s