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Thursday, December 1, 2011

the trip of November.

At last i start to updating my bloggie.
woot ! woot !
Happy December :D
on 27th November 2011 , Sunday !
we went to Malacca for 1 day trip.
what a rushing trip i went :)
kinda fun.
hangouts with my beloved ladies and the guys.
hohohohohohoho !
not to talk much. but i post lots of picture.
enjoy !

Here's come to the Picture corner !
San zou lao lao.
went for Dim Sum :)
my favourite food as breakfast.
Yummy :)
my favourite !
the Huney :D

Malacca > Ship? lol !
The spinning wheel.
they selling kok kok sweet?
i think is tat name.
At lasti get to had my cendol !
wad an ugly face !
Mr. Jack and Ms.Sharon !
Mr.Elevis and Ms.Jessie
Ms.Rachel and Mr.Chee Wei
Mr.Chun Hoo and Ms.Kellie
Snap ! snap ! snap !
snap non-stop :p
Jonker Street Brochure.
Chicken Rice Ball :)
but i stilllove the normal Chicken rice.
heheheh ^6^
The Group and the Photographer !
Me and the Fatty !
The Guys :D
The Ladies.
Nadejeeee !
at Last we reached ! we reached !!
Woot ! love their crepe cake till the Max !
Crepeeeee Cakeeeeee :)
i wan this Hello Kitty !
Our cakessss !
Love this !!
can you see the layers of the cakes?!
Love the surrounding.
Capitol Stay Celup !
wad a long queue !!
at last we gave up !
cause already 8pm -.-!
if still wait i don't know what time i can reach home.
just that for the november trip.
hope December we will have trip again :)
imma going to post bout my cooking class things.
hehehe !! just view to the next post !

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