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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hello December :)

what am i going to blog for today?!
*roll eyes*
since i feel lazy don't want study my LAW.
i just blogging :)
my blog rott for few weeks jor.
At last i get to update my Miracle event :D
my event hell on 3rd Dec 2011.
the function at Taylor's Lakesde University.
im happy that my guest satisfied with my event.
i enjoy the event much.
i think this is the 4th times that the groups handling event.
nothing to speak or elaborate much.
i just can aid i learn lots of thing from the event.
the fear of serving different kind of human i been thru.
feel relief. better than 1st year :)
so just look thru the pictures.
ENjoy :D

Me on that night.
kinda tired look.
because i did not sleep well and had enuf sleep.
the next day need came to campus at 10.30am,
to make a last preparation for 7pm dinner.

the kitchen enviroment.
Glassware :)
Hello snowman !
and Christmas tree :)
thkx to Deco team :)
i love this !!
special thingy. hahahah !
actually is lime sorbet.
server and chef and bartender !
our fried rice from chef..
hungry !!
kitchen team !
Junn and Alex !
Deco team !
Shin Yee !
me and Kunno at behind deco thing.
she at in front playing :x
Lunch time :D
Before enter 7pm serving dinner.
all busy make up !
briefing :)
Guests :D
This is my long long long table :)
serving parents.
consider as VIP :D
STudents :D
or outsider :D
at last we end our event !!
Kam Pai !!!
happy night !
at last we end up our dinner around 12am :D
what a tiring day but kinda enjoy.
lots of pressure and joyful before and after the event.
i love them much !
this is the last event we make it.
i don't feel like end up my course.
cause this is the last chance i make up this event with my fellows.
if we still got the last chance to create an event ;
i would be very happy !

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