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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

All In my Xmas Eve.

Merry Xmas to my fellow Reader.
how's your xmas eve and xmas day :)
hope you celebrate with your special one,
and not to forget your friends and family too.
hmmm.. what about mine?
24th December which I had my dinner,
with my special one and my friends.
Not to forget my lil sister birthday.
I was been thru busy day ever in my life.
morning woke up...
went for manicure and saloon to pretty up my hair.
till 4pm done my make up and outfit..
jump off from my house...
hmmm.. went to Pyramid for celebration.
meet up my special one and meet up my besties.
> Dinner at Nando's
> Chill out at Overtime.

Let's jump into the pictures.
and look what we received the pressie from our frens.

Me :)
AT Nando's having dinner.
The couples :)
Me and the silly one.
Sharon and her Beloved,Jack.
Kellie and Her beloved,Chun Hoe
MunYee and her Beloved,Kim Hang didi.
At outside wait for the feeling to have some drink,
at Overtime.
Overtime :)
Hahah !
Look what we had received :)
im safeee !
Look what had they receive :)
Look !
what I receive this before my xmas eve!
this is Holy mama !!!
damn ! hate my final year timetable.
haih !!
Anyway I really love this year xmas :)
can't wait for New Year Eveeee !
bye ! tc !
oh ! not to forgett...
We going to back to school soon !
tat's was a bad news for us.
even me ! TRAFFIC JAM !!

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