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Friday, January 20, 2012

Janvier !

So Fast came to the Middle of Janvier.
Comment Aller Vous?
its 2012 :)
I still the same.
did not change hairstyle.
Just my hair colour turns Black brown.
Face become more chubby.
Did not grow tall :(
Today imma going to post bout ;
what had i done in Janvier :D

I love this picture :D
ignore my eyebag. tQ
I took my pictures with all my friends ;
by using my Instax .
superb Expensive.... LoL!
but I don't mind.. Buy it Must Used it :D
The purpose of making that is to keep my memories,
that we had been thru our studies together.
different group or frieds,
move to different Pathway such as ;
different career and different school to continue their studies.

Me and Yen :D
Start from Left Behind :
Haroon . Elvin . Esther . Me
start from Left Front :
Jien Hui . Shi Jie
Start From Left Front Row :
Lee Xian . Manni . Sharon
Start From Left :
Me . See Hui . Nancy . Vivian
Me . Cash . Dmitry
Valentine . Me . Alex
Me . KeiKei
Jwita . Trisna . Me . Hanna
From Left , Back row :
Molie . Junn . Me . Alex
From Left , Front Row :
Venus . Clanderella . Claire
Me . Soey . Siew Linn . Alicia . Xian Jie
Shin Yee . Me . Xin Pei
Alex . Me . Xuxu
Me . Xuxu
me . Soey
17th Janvier 2012 ;
kitchen class..
we prepared this :D
On 15th Janvier !
my family Celebrate my birthday.
Dinning at Windmill Restaurant.
Thkx to daddy mommy :)
not to forget my siblings :D
14th Janvier :)
He celebrate my birthday :D
this are the two type of cakes he gave me.
Sa-weeet !! first time :D
1st pic : celebrate n blow cake in car :D
2nd pic : Dining in San Francisco Steak house.
hahahah !
the Noob Face :x
I feel myself fat jor :(
Busy playing my fon !
Grggg !
Garlic bread !
He and his Fish and Chip !
Me and my Chicken mushroom.
Finally my dessert :p
ice-cream as my cake?
tQ for those giving me a sa-weet memories in my life.
I do appreciate it.
I keep all my memories in my album.
It will makes me smile when I open up my album.
I love you guys.
especially my Parents and not forget my friends ;
and my teachers and lecturer too :D
tQ for supporting me and give me confident to go on in my journey ;
and now?! Im finally 20 years old * Vangt ans * :D
Is time to go for anther challenges :
career or studies? :)
GoodLuck to me and the whole world !

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