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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Soya is back.

The little soya is back.
this few weeks alot things happen.
haih! i cant even help myself..
i still very blur with it..
finals coming soon.
a bunch of assignment waiting for me to clean it.
and my privacy prob blom settle.
i regret telling daddy Ariz tat i stick to my plan without thinking.
but Mommy Manda got advise me.
hmnnn..i used 3days to reThink this prob properly.
if not,i used wrg way.tat time i sure again cry like small kid.
no more mistakes for me.
so i decide not to stick at my plan,i should move on.
i should enjoy my SINGLE life with all my crazy friends.
is GOOD better than prob banyak.
i dont 1 make them disapoint on me again.
it makes myself feel very useless...

so i went to Penang with my family.
i tot it would be my relax trip.
wrg! i predict it wrgly.
it make me more worse.
i force to bring my assignment go Penang do.
haih! srsly,i really enjoying at all.
i hope i can PASS my term smoonthly.
all of them think this coarse is easy.
yea,u're right.11weeks for us to study.
if holiday we niid rush like donkey..
all the subject u left over is totally,
u din have the time to catch up.
okla..dont 1 waste my time to talk bout,
grandpa and grandma story.
i went to Penang on 11th september.b4 i heading to Penang.
i went to Grandma house.
all my relatives said i chubby dy.
Adui.i nak kurus le..
some of them said cant recognize me(this like too over dy wor)
ahaha..dont care la.
i just wanna be me ok dy..

This me.
my eye =(((
so bengkak.nt enuff slp.
me and my cute daddy,
that used to pampered me all the time.

me lu =D

my family.ehehehehe
i look like lil sis.cause all of them used to pamperd me.

nites time.
just for today oly la..
= all my prob pls go away =

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