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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Kitchen Week! :Hearts:

Soya is beakkkkk!! =DD
TeeHee..this week is kitchen week.
my favourite week.
i hate kitchen but i love to attend kitchen class.
why le? weirdo.
cux in the kitchen i can kept makan.
Make Jokes with Chef2 sekalian and meet my friends at anther suites.
ahahahah! so this week cook for VIP.
appetizer: dnt knw wad crab >.<
main Coarse: fish.
and i having kitchen assessment >.<
new chef,main fear factor.LoL!
ehehehe!! so dnt 1 blah blah so much dy...
see picts lu~~~

end my cooking time.
my hair bcome so messy :s
my hero chef!! ahaha!
he demo for us how to cut fish.
Yuck >.
i hate it.

Frying fish! ehehe!

i prepare the appetizer stuff.
The food tat extra.
for us to mam mam =D
Chef said;dont eat in the kitchen.
go eat in the chef kitchen.
cux customer can c us eating >.
The hot kitchen..
The chef kitchen eat fruits.
extra fruits.ehehehe
This is wednesday class..
Pastry class.
we goin to make Mango Jalousie.
hehe!! Yumy dessert.
the class jst 6members attend,include me.
we goin prepare 42pax >.
can die a.lucky the chef got help us.ehehehe!
so the assistance class rep,which mean is me.
take care the class =D
The ingredients =D kept eat the mango wey.ahaha!
Egg wash.prepare to bake =D
the all chef bullied me wey.
owex i kena >.
hehe.chef see i so hungry so,
he plan to make Garlic bread for me and others :D
he teach us make fresh handmade garlic bread.
start wrking lo.
i wait for eat ok dy.ehehe!
Faster toast it la =((
Chef mane?
they hilang dy...ahaha!
Done our Mango jalousie =D
p/s 4gt took garlic bread.hehehe.
* this few days mcm so stress *
* finals coming soon *
the rush term *
* hope can pass it *
> Account.business math <
so many pple said this course is easy,
actually wrg.is tough course =((
no play time =((
sien! i cant join my guitar and dance class.
i just hope can faster end my diploma.
den come out earn money dy.
ahaha! dont 1 kept use parents money la..
feel myself hopeless..earn money spend for own.
is the best part =DD

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