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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Best Raya Outing

The little Soya is goin to update her blog again.
this few days i went out for yumCha with my high school friends.
The Sekolah Seri Cahaya GenG! ahaha!
Love the High School Outing =D
But when goin to have my SSC ReUnion?! im waiting wey.
ehehehe! this few days,
i been left away with all my assignment.
i continue concentrate on my finals.
hehe.i halfway done my assignment so i can outing Peacefully.
So as Usual,nth much to talk.
I just Feel very Happy cux my Friends make my days ALIVE.
thkx dudes and Babes.
Hearts u all alot.

I love this pic alot.
hehe..look abit nerd nerd.

me and syg =D

woot! my beloved DARLINGS..my face >. i look fat!
Blow by winnd >.
my cousin bro and the ladies.
This was yesterday outing.
just for Ladies oly.
At Giza Mall,Dataran Sunway =D
too bad RuiChin cant make it.
hous sad aaaaa =((

At Cravings.the cafe we went in and out >.
Take picts wor...ahaha!
Nice cafe...
me and kien in the mirror.
kellie and HueyMun infrnt us.
at last,we change to fullhouse >.< Wiit! Groupie pic =DD
In the cafe =D
The ladies =D
the chair is for RuiChin punye =DD
Shi kee and Huey mun =D
3of us busy take picts.
forget at whre dy >.
i think at the carpark.
omg! Love this pic alot!
wondering whre am i looking at >. ahahahaha!
i love my style.
Opp's! i mean we love the new style.
omg! @.@
Yummmmy :p
but i din eat cux too full dy.
Kellie and Me..
My SexyBack =DD
hahahaha!! gileeeeeeeee dy..
The Ladiess night <3!>
i bought new stuff from F Block =DD
To My long FingerNails..
i should cut u off dy =(((
tooo badd!!!
this coarse not allow i have long fingernails.
so sad a!! LMAO >.
Just for todays..
my best Raya outing =DDD

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