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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Up ! Up ! Here we went@The Hill

wulalalalalala !
Up ! Up ! Up !
Here We Went :)
late update for The Hill's Post :$

Hurmmm !!
last Sunday ; 17th February 2013
Finally we meet up.
2 babes ; half singaporean & malaysia babes.
lol ! 1 study 1 work at there.
miss them much :)
So we plan to have our ladies gathering dinner at The Hill :)
the comfy environment.
I can feel like in the small hut house :) 
very comfy add more point that time windy day :)
so I no need to worried bout sweating :)
less talk ! lets jump into the food pictures :)

Me :)
in the black casual cheongsam :)
I fat liao :(
how to reduce my weight with healthy ways.
no chemical but need sweats and able to slim down.
The Hill :)
Their menu :)
 Our beverages :
Ice lemon Tea
Watermelon Juice
Orang Juice.
*No added sugar and Water*
 The salad ;
Soft Shell Crab Salad.
The Salad Sauce come with pure Garlic sauce.
Kinda nice but the garlic smells kinda strong.
For Garlic fans can try this :)
 Soup of the day ;
Mushroom Soup + Garlic toast.
This is the pure mushroom soup.
just nice but do have it,
while the mushroom soup still hot.
 This is their speciality Burger ;
The sloppy Monster ( Beef Burger )
but I don't take beef so I can't comment bout it.
You can try it :)
 This is 2nd Speciality Burger ;
The Green Monster ( Lamb Burger )
Very nice combination ;
the sauce is mint sauce ( Green )
It contain little bit of sweet-ness.
You can have a try for this.
 The Main ;
Gourmet Country Stew  ( Ostrich )
this main very tasty :)
fall in love with it.
the meat is so juicy and tender.
You can a try too.
 I am always the Black Cod Fans :)
Pan Seared Black Cod ( Fish )
They come with wafu dressing,
something like teriyaki sauce :)
 we order their signature / speciality drinks ;
the cocktail ;
Watermelon Slush .
Ingredients in the drink  ;
Smirnoff Vodka , Midori , Lychee Liqueur and watermelon .
When you drink it ;
it appear different kind of sweet-ness in your mouth.
Such as Lychee, honeydew and watermelon
love this sweety-licious taste.
Dessert ;
Brownie with Ice-cream.
 2nd dessert ;
French Apple Tart with Ice- Cream
Very nice environment
the bar
the bar
The ladies.
my pretty babes :)

That's all for tonight :)
hope you all enjoy :)
will find a day try all their food and also their funny cocktail :)

Venue ; The Hill
Address :
10 Lorong Dungun, Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

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