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Monday, February 11, 2013

Delayed till now ...

Hello guys ~
Happy Chinese New Year :)
Snakes Year arrive <3 p="">
today Imma going to post bout my delayed birthday with hubby.
Here's some of my pictures I took today.
for those out there don't forget to visit your parents.
Sometime my heart kinda pain see those old people in old folks house :(
their child leave them there. pls don't treat ur parents like tat !
anyway, Happy Chinese New Year :)
May this year brings lot of joys! Muuuaahhhh!

flashback the time to year of 97.
cny of 1997.
cny of 2013
eldest princess and youngest prince.
 both princess in the house.
 CNY gift from manager and collegue.
.Red Packet.Red Wine.Beer.
 Special Valentine Gift from boyfie !
Really a sweet surprise he gave me.
thankx to the postman who sent me this to my house,
 My delayed birthday dinner T.T
Celebrate on the 19th January 2013
at Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill, Traders hotel.
Thkx to hubby for giving me a sweet romantic dinner.
bun & butter
2nd course :
Mushroom soup ( 1 only ) but we make it as sharing portion.
main :
Gobo Signatures * pan seared cod fish * ( baby boi )
* pacific cod fish ( mine )
the 2 side dishes we ordered ;
fries and mashed potatoes with truffle mushroom.
kinda full after had tat to main course.
The 2nd round for us to chi-lax.
Skybar :)
very nice and comfy place for yum-cha.

Just for today ; Stay tune for upcoming events.

Gobo Upstairs Lounge & Grill.
Phone : (60 3) 2332 9910
Location & venue : Level 6 @Traders Hotel, KL.
Dress Code : Smart Casual

Phone : (60 3) 2332 9888
Location & Venue : Level 33 @Traders Hotel, KL
Dress Code : Smart Casual.

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