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Sunday, May 27, 2012

New face for next month !

Holaaaaaaa !
Im back again :)
hurmmm.. suddenly so hardworking in blogging?
nahhh... I just missed you all.
Just keep myself Update for no reason !
Guesss what !
My baby Boi bring me to had Dim Sum,
That I have been craving since last night !
I make some research from famous blog.
Most of them suggest Yuan Garden at SS@.
hurmm.. Not bad ! their Dim Sum very fresh !
Love their Salad prawn and Har 9 lots !
make me eat 2 plates :) hohohohoh !
So we just jump in to our activities ba :)

Baby Boi driving :)
hohohoho !
I am going to cut off my hair !
Thkx for this blogger for the info :)
 Dim Sum :)
 Yummy !
Siu Mai very nice to have it !
 The tarts !
*thumbs UP*
We just ate this much !
LOL ! we not a big eater.
so forgive us :) 2 person eat only. heheh !
Go try to have it !
The bill !
 Byeeeee LONG messy hair !
Woohuuuu !
my long hair that I took last night!
 Cadbury Event @pyramid !
 Me and Boyfie Cut hair jor !
Short ! Short ! Short !
 BR / 13 Chocolate Fondue !
as TeaTime !
 Grape flavour ice-cream from StickHOUSE !
 woohuuuu !
sharp face ! :)
hope my face is like tat !
but look weird.
 Follow me in InstaGram !
@lovesoyamilk or Jessie Soyamilk :)
hehehe !
 cant accept it !
tie up my hair bcum this length :(
can't even pull and play my hair also.
 Baby Haair Faster Grow long pls :(
Just for today !
BUSY-ing chatting with buddies thru whatsapp !

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