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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The End Of Diploma.

hurrrmmm.... *think*
It's been a long day for me to wait mu convocation.
Can't wait to met up my coursemate on that day,
which fall on 20th of May.
Which is J'taime day *520*
No more grandma talk.
Just Jump into my photo :)

This me :)
Swollen eyes (T.T)
because I insomnia last night.
keep thinking of my friends :)
My Taylor's
Teddy Plushie ! :)
Merci beaucoup ,
especially to mon mere et mere.
not to forget mon ami et mon mari !
Graduand Ticket !
Yeay !
My Diploma !
when my next turn for degree?
my darlingbabybestie!
Graduate together since secondary till now.
will we have a chance to graduate together,
for our degree?
 heheh !
Issac :)
under the hot sun.
makes ur HAWT :)
 Baby Junn.
hohohoho !
Missed those day, every morning we had our breakfast together.
will we have the chance to had our breakfast together again?
 The gang that use to play.laugh.tease each others.
Memorable day with you all.
hope to meet you all in the FUTURE (T.T)
 the stress 1.
the relax 1.
the anime 1.
the trip managing 1.
hohohohoho .
When we can joke and play together again :(
 Moi et Manni :)
very relax geh friend I ever met,
she is the most relax 1 no matter how many exam we been thru.
 The Joker !
hohoh! mr.prince.
hope to see you makes jokes in the future !
 all of them use to said us we're twins :)
my twins sister :)
most blur 1 some more !
missed those day we learn french together !
 me.fishy.xianJie :)
most panai go around and play geh.
also the most relax 1.
 XianJie.DatoLim.JienHui !
Hope to see you all in future !
My convocation !
My parents most understand me.
They know I love ROSE lots.
hehehehehe !

For those that I did not took photo with them or did not attend on convovation day'sI really missed you all too.Hope to see you all in FUTURE.keep in touch my friends.update ur news or daily life in facebook.instagram.not to forget our group dh36.1.2.3.Find a day make gathering on 12april ( that's our intake day )we been thru togther 2 years already. really missed the moment,in the class,cafeteria,lab,stairs,hall,kitchen,practical restaurant ( in Taylor's )outside of the campus PD,sunway pyramid,pavilion,KL tower,bukit nanas,taiwan.LOVES DH36 1.2.3. LOTS !and oso from the culinary schools!

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