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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The life in May.

Hello May!
Hello new month !
Im back again :)
The loveeessss of May !
hurmmm... Currently Jobless.
LOL ! not yet found any job.
except 1. I'm helping my uncle which give me lots of frustrated.
till I stop. The next?
what's next? airline :(
Yup ! I want that badly ~
I really need that :'( pls give me that baby job!
Yes ! Im gonna grab that job no matter how hard !
Im into it ! challenge accepted !

hurm. here's come my baby babe birthday.
Happy birthday to you darling !
hohohoho :)
she and his boyfie getting very sweet.
the loveable couples.
may wish your dream come true :)
 Look !
what I found in the mall !
Banana MILK !
my favourite ! 
Too bad it just sell during korean fair oly :(
 Finally here,
my hubby boy.
finally we been thru 11 months.
am I able to send out our 1st year anniversary video?
:( i hope i able !
Love You BIG MAN !
 hohohohoh !
my man !
Just for today :)
toodle !
kinda boring post ryte?
no worries ,
This weekend will be my more freak out post week.
Stay Tuneed k?!
love ya readers !

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