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Monday, March 12, 2012

Salut ♥

Salut !
Salut Mars.
Finally we meet up march.
and finally I'm going to meet up my final exam.
the real final year for me.
Horrayyy going to graduate within this 3 weeks.
pls. god let graduate peacefully.
I promise will be the good girl ;)

march got nothing special for me.
all i receive are tones of stress and pressure.
dafuQ ! I cant even hangout with my babes.
i been quarantine for 1 months because of exam.
reallydafuQ! haih !
tiring. goodLuck to me bah.

hmmm :)
growth fat already ryte?
the puffy face getting chubbier ryte?
OMG ! srsly nid to reduce it.
i do mean it.
got anyway to reduce the chubby face?
upselling menu !
you are killing my brilliant tiny brain cell ! LOL !
Yeay !
Finally got the coupons for my family.
pls pls pls come !!!
I need you all to help me PASS my exam :'(
Im the server. been for 20 years I did not serve my family at all.
what a pampered child am i :)
not good behaviour at all..
pls don't do this to your parents
they will very sad .
am i look diff?
lol ! Look weirdoooo.
a goodnight picture before off to bed :)
good Nights peeps !
sweet dream.
I wil update my blog once i ended up my exam :)
stay Tunned.
Loves XoXo

1 comment:

Lex Ching ™ said...

Wish u all the best for your final exam ya ^^ good luck ^^