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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cho 2 & Cho 3

What what what?!
LoL ! how's your CNY going?
good? boring? amazing ?
First of all, I want to Wish you all HAPPY CNY !
Tonight imma going to post bout :
Cho 2 = the 2nd day of CNY
cho 3 = the 3rd day of CNY.
ok , let's jump into the main point.

This picture is last night :)
cho 2...
we went off to Kellie's House bai nin :D
look weird ryte?
my awkward face :-*
That's the pictures of last night :D
the most steady friends :D
Cho 3 which mean today :)
my family and I went off to Genting.
what a boring place :s
almost each year sure will visit twice.
luckily today got Doraemon event :D
The instax of the day :D
Tired Look :s
Yeay !
we got the ticket !
main enterence.
the ticket.
we got the ticket.
and here we go :D
haha ! the 1st picture look like ;
i pull doraemon ears :D
shake hand with Shizuka's mama :D
Let Doraemon Kiss me * aww..tat's sweet
Take picture with Doraemon and Doraemi.
The doraemon gadget :D
I love the bread.
when i was a kid ,
i wish to have that during exam :D
hahah !! if you read b4 the comic,
you will know why i need that bread LOTS !
these few things i did not seen b4.
same to this :D
Get doraemon thingy.
act cute -.- urgh !
take picture with doraemon.
me and lil sis and doraemon.
That's for Cho 2 and Cho 3 during CNY :D
weeeee :)

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