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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

City View in KL

Hey ! Hey !
imma goin to blog bout last week Saturday ;
29th September 2011 :D
we had Business English Project :D
visit the KL Tower
understand about the concept of eco-tourism.
we off to Jungle tracking at Bukit Nanas, KL.
The Group of 1.2.3 & 4.
we went there by bus :D
ok ! i don't want to crap much.
so let's jump into the pictures :D
Enjoy !!

That's me :D
Soyaaaaa !!
my pale face :@
The group of students get in the Trip :D
Hello KL Tower :D
Inside the KL Tower view This KLCC building.
Top of the KL :D
Cultural?! :)
let's begin !
jump into the Jungle Tracking.
Eco Jungle :D
Hello Jungle !
that contain lots of MOSQUITO !
lucky did not wear short pants :s
wooooooooo !!!
Lect and her cute daughter.
inside the Jungle :x
Alex -.-!
Opp's !
wrong angle to take picture :x
me and ShinYee mama :D
Me and the Russian Boy :D
Dmitry B-)
Me > Haroon
The Princess :D
hahahaha !
my project group members !
Love Them !
My babes !!
mwahahahah !
crazy fellow :p
me and my crazy fellow !
Joker fren :D
Receive this cute lil quest :(
bout the trip Project :s
* Kinda Enjoy the Trip, although is tiring *
* learn something new *
* found out my stamina getting low :( (keep it up Girl :) *
* i saw something beautiful scene in KL ( day time ) *

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