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Sunday, November 13, 2011


Wulalalalala !!
what a busy saturday i been thru.
12th november 2011.
my day is full with activities....
i love today very much.
hahah !!
just follow the picture you will know my today's activities.

Me :D
Afternoon at Pyramid with Brenda :D
Vinson's Gf :D

Movie Time
Shark in :
G1 Me.G2 Elevis.G3 Vinson.G4 Brenda.
at Da gu House :D
Buffet dinner.
Love this type of House Buffet.
My Big Prawn :D
3rd round :@
Celebrate Chun Hoo Birthday :D
D'italiane'kitchen @ Giza Mall
Guys - MingYik.ChunHoo.KaeChyn.PingZheng.KimHang.Jack.
Ladies - Sharon.Me.kellie.RuiChin.
me and Kellie
back row - Kellie . Me
front row - YewSang . Ming Yik.
Back row - Sharon.Kellie
Front Row- RuiChin. Me
Tiramisu !!
My Dinner..
Alfrado Salmon * Fettucine *
Cherry Mojito ( MOckTail )
my ladies juicessss....
The ladies and Birthday Boii !
The guys and Birthday boii !
nice pic !
The ladies !
Group Picture !!
My Instax pic !
Me and Sharon !
Beer factory @ Giza Mall
Sam Gor...
me and the Tower Beer.
KimHang and The Tower Beer.
Sharon and the Tower Beer.
the few glassesss....
Birthday boii blow Cake !
just for today !!
busy day for me..
tomorrow need attend wedding dinner too...
nites world !

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