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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shopping with my Sygs.

SoyaMilk Milk back luu~~
Tiring day =(( KeiKei & KienKien <>
just 3 of us only =D
i go fetch KeiKei den Only go Fetch KienKien.
LoL! tired wor..drive here and there =((
LoL! Reach KL dy.
go for shop den have dinner at there =D

my babies =D LoL!

Again o @.@
Ice-Cream Time =DD
our Ice-Cream
Take Pictures time =D
my keikei change hairstyle dy.
LoL! my tired face..
must cover my Drain :p:p
me and kienkien :p
again take picts.
dis time in StarHill Toilet.LoL!
tidy my hair.
and someOne Took it.
my candid pict =D
my and keikei
me and KienKien
Mam Mam time.
Dinner la..ehehe.at Jogoya =D
The Hungry face~~~
1st round.strt!
She Nid someOne to hug! LOL!
God! my full face >.
all eat until gemok gemok dy.
table 84 and 85 =D
LoL! all chubby face.
i tink dis is 2nd round geh.
3rd round food=dessert.
In my baby stomach =DDD
Clear pict =D
my Car!
The carpark resit.
Our Dinner resit =DD
In the carpark =DD
My new baby =DDD
kienkien reach house at around 9.30pm
keikei reach house around 11pm
i reach my house at 11.20pm
i bought something for myself =D
hope next time can have girls shopping again =D
= Enjoy the Random topic =

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