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Friday, November 12, 2010

It's time to update again.

The soyaMilk is back,
and at the same time she having Throat Infection now T.T
i hate it alot! i will update my blog without crap alot :p

Start from 7November,sun
My Pretty Cousin sis Christabell had married.
i need to attend to her wedding dinner.
Congratulation to her =D
Love her wedding dinner till MAX!

This is me!
im not joking,srsly is me :p
the Soya :pp
Her wedding Dinner.
ps.too far >.
cant took the pict clearly.
The Honey =D
My cousins and my lil sis and my lil brother.
Chriz ooi and Dennis Yin.
attend her wedding dinner.
show some performance :p
this pict took from Dennis.ahaha!
New and nice Hotel.
On tat day outfit =D
Formal theme.
LoL! ahahaha!
me and my cute brother!
Me and my LengLeng Da Gu =D
LoL! ahaha!
and my sis bhind there...
The counter?
Guess wad?! can you believe it this is a Dessert.
damn cute wey! inside the feeling is redBean.
This is Soya's University look! LoL!
too free.
while waiting for my babes in the toilet,
i took pict of myself.ahaha!
we went to Sunway Pyramid,T-Bowl Cafe.
to have our dinner.
Eat shit wor.
all Starving dy.
The cute and creative Menu Book.
Guess wad! it's a table :p
I love this.
so damn cute.
Drinking Soap water :p
Chicken soup.
My Baked rice.
The dessert.Shit :p
This is on 9November 2010,tuesday
4gt wad time dy.
i took this pict while go back to class form career centre.
I love the weather :p
10 November 2010,wednesday
I bcum the bastard Commis :p
ahahahaha! i busy eating nia.
appetizer: mix salad.
main coarse: Seabass.
Dessert: Cream caramel.
i tink is my term1 meal :p
Move on to next day.
11November 2010Thursday
applied tech class.
Cut Duck! Yuck!
ahahahaha! scary big fat duck :p
nid to chop off it leg and neck.OMG!
ahaha! but kinda fun :p
And today 12 November.
which mean fri.
having cooking class for Truffle restaurant.
i'm cooking for VIP guest. hahaha!
lucky no complain.
me and partner have team work :p
ahaha! if nt sure mess up the kitchen again.
Clearing their own station.
My salad.
and my Senior Poh's Peace :p
Stewarding area.
the washing cockery by using steamer.
All look tired liao.
ahaha! the 4gt customer will look thru the window.
we waiting for chef for briefing :p
Harooooon! ahahahaha!
funny guy.
* hope next week got interesting stuff to update =D *

1 comment:

K-Chen said...

nice outfit! xD
the place u will admit u is a bastard commis and noe eat only i think is here :P hehe...good job!