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Friday, November 5, 2010

It's november baby! Pavilion.

weeee....it's November baby!
suddenly goin to end of the 2010 dy.
times pass by so fast.
i goin to old 1 year soon o(T.T)o
4th November.
me and my sygs and GorGor go Pavilion with me.
ahah! girls include me and a guy

me! in the car =D

my handsome daddy! look young le.
ahahaha! snap a pict with him b4 i leave my house.

4th November outfit.
i mean i went out outfit la.
my syg sekalian and me.
i wan grow more tall!

me and my sweet sayang.
take pict while waiting for them at atm.
yummy place.
Harajuku Japanese Creeps
me and her again.
she have strawberry flavour.
i get blueberry and cheese cakes flavour.
Shamino :p:p
all have diff flavour.
me! me! me!
so fat =((
i wan diet!
The Movie tickets.
sakeeee sushi!!!
my messy table! Rarrwww!!
i bought dis for myself.
new stuff!
me and my sayangs again.
me!! me!! me!! outside Pavilion.
me again.LoL!
me and Wen!
sweet Couple a!
his bf come find him.
my Wen!!
Malaysia International fashion week wor!
TOday lo
.alot lengleng models.
The stage.
at Starbuck YumCha.
Sharon Sudah balik :pp
Yummmmy Drinks!
CHillll weyy!
I Love This Pict alot!

*Just For today lu*
*hope i can enjoy my holidays*
*happy Deepavali*

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