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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the stress up point will turn up again.

Could it be much worse? :)

life life life.
wad a miserable life.
but would you make your life miserable?
impossible ryte ?!
but i start to make my miserable life turn into JOY life.
Tons of assignment. Tons of books. Tons of research stuck in my sem now.
hrmmmm, how am i going to handle it?
sometimes may make me stress up and turn into cry !
but do REMEMBER i cry does not mean i weak !
i just wan to release my stress. Im HUMAN not God.
even God also got a lot problems to solve.
Anyway ; i just need a trip to release my stress before enter my FINAL exam.

i kinda jealous those children and baby just reborn. all the need just eat. sleep. learn new things. welcome to the new world little baby. when grow bigger you will face the same things as everybody do. just depends how you spend my life. i hope i can turnover my life into a colourful life. CHEERSSS !!!!

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