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Sunday, December 26, 2010

what happen to me? SorPo Soya.

Soya in the messy mood again.
this is the second time i having this kind of mood.
am i start to growing up as a real lady in my life?
Cry + Angry at the same time.
i think u did not experienced this mood b4 right?
so weird.. i also feel weird.
i wanted to know wad happen to me actually.
I hate this feeling a lot.
It will make so headache and feel like to kill myself.
cry and angry for no reason.
Just now. which mean this evening.
i am on the way to have my dinner with my parents.
along with my siblings.
while my dad drove me to the restaurant.
i in the car,
look thru the window and;
look up to the sky and think something.
i think a lot a lot of stuff...
1. Training :
that's the 1st time i left my house for 3months.
my 1st time to work.
my 1st time did not celebrate my birthday.
my 1st time not celebrate my CNY.
i suddenly feel the lonely without my parents and frens.
my tears start to drip down thru my eyes.
lucky my parents did know notice it.
no matter how,i oso need face it.
im trying to become an independent girl
* i had promise my dad*

2. Friends :
what happen between me and my friends?
why i feel me and my friends no long not that close anymore?
all of them start to busy.
some of them kinda unhappy with my University ==?!
some of them working.
some of the jealous bout me(Gov.Schl.frens)
This week holiday just feel Suckz without them!
i need warm from my friends too.

3. Result :
no longer exam just over,
i start to worry my result.
i was thinking when i get my result ;
i will shout and say i PAss?
i will cry alone and say i fail/ pass?
haih! Fan sei yan a!
This few days.
i dreamt i laying on the green grass facing the sky alone.
What the world look like?
what happen to the world?
the world start to face a lot of prob too.
especially society prob.
i not understand,
why nowadays a lot people did not appreciate their life.
some of the commit suicide for some stupid reason.
> headache <
^ wad happen to Soya le? ^
> think too much or worry too much? <


CupidTim said...

u think too much n worry tooo much!!
i did have this kind of experience...specialy when alone!!
anything find a frens chat k =)
frens always there for u ^^

K-Chen said...

think and worry too much d..everything just try to 'tai hoi di' will let u more comfortable and relax rather than u keep over care everythings happen on u!!! birthday? i didnt have my birthday for 19years ady..for u just 1 year only..is it so charm for u?? lol..and ur frens must have good and bad of course..then try to looking on theirs good but not bad lo...u cant change them with few sentences and simple word geh...everything just forget it as that was past!! cheer up =D

SoyaMiLk Maemi Nakamura said...

chen: lol.wokok..thkx :'(
tim: i hate lonely.

CupidTim said...

hate lonely den find a partner lo..but dun simply find oh ^^
when alone den find me chat ,got my num rite!! den u wont feel lonely jor ^^