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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Moral or Politic?

goin to update her blog with lamey stuff...
cause very mmm song with this world..
feel like to blog it...
if i hurt u or u dont like my post.
im sorry..
I most HATE racist people.
why can't the used their brain before do something.
if u are chinese,u racist to other.
go back to china la.
if u are India,u racist to other.
go back to India.
if u are Malay,u racist to other.
go back to ur Islam world.
why wanna waste time at here celebrate One msia or anything else.
this Country actually belong to Org Asli not us.
why cant we have a peace country..
we all are human need help each other..
In primary and high school school teacher used to teach us.
dont be so racist till you end your studies with high education.
everything change.RACIST!
damn hate this kind of people.
last time i used to be a RACIST people in the school.
cause influence by my friends.
till i change to private school.
i used to mix with different races people in the school.
till now i join College.i got different races of friends.
we can joke and share stuff with each other..
Just treat them as our family.
cause we in the unique country. show to other country.
that we love and care each other.

i talk bout this is bout moral or politic?
cause i heard my friend,they read an article in newspaper.
Racist problem appear again.
i become malaysian people,felt embaress also.
the international new wrote out a big word.
orang Cina Balik China.
wad mean by tat? it's obviosly prove tats racist.
just i wan to say about this.
Satu Bangsa Satu negara.
we know to sing it but dont know to prove it.

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