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Monday, July 5, 2010

who am i to you?

Erlu~ Erlu~
The soyaMiLk is here again.
wad am i goin to talk bout today?
i think this post will be full of emo post again o(T.T)o

Yesterday i night,i chat with Yan gor gor and Nas Uncle.
but till half my connection daddy pluck off dy(prevent i on9 till late nite)
then i text with gor and Nas.
at last both of them went off bed early.
omg! my lonely nights again.
i stop drawing and start busy edit picture.
prevent me think alot alot alot.
but at last,i failed it!
i manage to make people from emo to happy.
but myself? i cant even help myself.
feel myself just a useless and hopeless girl.

i start lay on my big bed and Think again.
i finaly realise i Missed him again.
that day he text me and asked You not loved me anymore?!
how could he asked this quest toward me.he ownself know i love him as i do.
suddenly,he start to mad at me.but i did nothing wrong.i jst wanna care him.
izit i got wrong? o(T.T)o
till i asked back him the same quest as he asked me b4 this.
did u still loved me?
but he din reply me at all.
i can exactly know the answer.although he didn't tell me.
i feel i very silly and stupid.
i cried the whole night till i fall asleep.
i not dare find someOne to text.
cause its make other people think feel i very annoying.
everyday cried non-stop.

till today,my parents woke me up around 12pm.
then they left the house.i alone in the house.
Do nothing,i lay on the big white sofa in my living room,
with turning on the air-con and television.
my Brain again think.what happen to me?
who am i? why need emo all the day for the same things?
i cried again o(T.T)o

i dont want to think alot.
i find something do.i make simple warm up.
abit yoga and stretch my body.
suddenly,i saw weight measuring(dnt knw call wad la)
i measure my weight.
last time is 55kg(heavy like pig)
ytrday i measure is 54kg
today i measure,53kg.
i really can put off my weight till 50kg-40kg?hope so.

my parents come back this afternoon,
suddenly they talk bout airline stuff.
they make me happy again.
cause they kept mention bout my favourite ambition.
this few days,airport lack of stewardess.
i cant wait till end of my diploma.
i want work at singapore international airline.
hope i can make my dream come true.
i need wait till i 2oyears old only can start train as stewardess.
hope my dream really will come true.

there's some of the pitures that i drew and edited yesterday.
anyOne can intro me some Edit picture,new sofware ont?
i need it badly! tq!

this picture i took it yesterday and edit,
last nite.

lastest picture.i edit till very cacat.
this drawing tat i draw last nite,

hehe...look cute anf funny.

The Drunk rat o Drunk rabbit?

actually i this drawing is rabbit mix with rat..
Most cacat drawing!!!! LoLx
edit the same pictures again and again and again.
Cubes style =)

I love this alot.hehe.

= Just for today post =

tunning the same song as my blog's song.
this song can make me cried badly.
i really need a way to move out from this sorrow life.
i feel suffer,everytime i alone in the cold night.
my phone totally silent.

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