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Friday, January 29, 2010

lame shit!

hooooolaaaaaaaa! Smiley
i'm back again!
but today i'm back with my friend Smiley
which mean my sickness. Smiley
Smileyi catch cold againSmiley

yesterday i went bank do something.
and i start playing with my hp.
cux tat time facebook sent text and i chatting with fatty Smiley
that time i unlock my phone keypad
*tap*tap*tap! check calender any event! and say Smiley!!!
CNY coming soon.
left 17days :s why din have CNY moood geh?! Smiley
even the valentine day coming soon too.
but that's nothing special for me,
i think so.hahaha. Smiley
just miss last time always receive choco from peoples Smiley

Today is super dooppperrr boring! Smiley
i just sleep.watch television.online
ewwww.always do the same things! Smiley
i'm going mad soon.if i kept stay in the house.
waiting for the calls.i think that people dont1 hire me gua Smiley
but lucky got guitar class and driving lesson.Smiley
said till that driving lesson make me angry too.
ewww.i still cant handle properly my car.
baboon betul!Smiley

hope tomorrow i'll have a better day.
but my guitar class change to wednesday dy
sad betul.
miss guitar class on saturday Smiley

i think just for today.
oh my god!Smiley
i really need some special day to update my blog.
if not my blog will mess up with those,
dull stuff!!

1 comment:

Huan said...

haha really so bored oh... go out walk walk la... don't always stay at home... hehe... XD