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Sunday, January 24, 2010


sorry readers!!!
i'm emo again!!!Smiley
i almost everyday also emo!!Smiley
yesterday i crying for something!Smiley
Fcuk!Smiley Fcuk! SmileyFcuk!Smiley
dont ever force me do the things.
that i dont 1 to do,okay!Smiley
making me very very very disappoint.Smiley
don't think that i always say that i'm fine.
that i really fine,actually i'm not!Smiley
till today!
i emo againSmiley
is Fcuking emo!Smiley
yea,emo person should disappear in this world.
but if something happen to you.
you will emo and feel like wanna shout as loud as you can.
i hope i can go to seaside and scream as loud as i want.Smiley
i wan have some beer to drunk myself.
i dont 1 face the next day.
i really wanna punch people rite now!Smiley
i know that the few choice i can release my stresss and anger.
i'm suffer!!!
whatever you wanna do.you just do it.
i had no right to control!!
nonit to report to me.
i dont 1 heard it!Smiley

i just hope my phone can Rest In Peace for few hours.
just that!


Huan said...

hah... cheer up, friend... when you go Putrajaya remember inform me... I'll go there also..

Vampire Maemi Nakamura said...