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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

post for,that soh lou! xD

Live the life you love,
love the life you live.
you know what mean?
try us your brain and think it!
The life getting suck.
this few days.
i chat with a soh lou.
named Kok Yang.
i really can give him kek sei.
always tease at me.
he also like Ding Zui with me.
feel like wanna spank his ass!!
sometime makes me angry too.
i angry that time he feel happy.
My God!
darn it!
say his bad word.
because he wanna read his post.
on my BLOG!
so i wrote it for him.

dude i just wanna tell u this!!
i dont care how u treat me.
i'll kena you till kao kao.
if u stilll bully me.
You try k?
if we meet that time.
u wait i cheng lei sek hou ye k?