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Friday, November 27, 2009


Maemi again fall sick
having Bad Bad flu now..
start coughing Smileys
keep sneezing Smileys
i think i should wear up my mask today.
if i go out Smileys
Maemi didn't feel that
she is still having her exam
Black nails :)
my favourite colour
it's look lala
last time i love to polish my nails.
into black in colour.
till now i still like the same way.
polish my nails into black in colour.
but some of them love to say i'm lala
but till now.
those people who love to say other people
lala aKa seafood
they also polish their nails into Black in colour
i'm wondering did they use their brain before talk Smileys
at last they also did the same things.
should i say they are stupid or lame Smileys

Lame people did lame things Smileys
really asshole personSmileys
i'm sorry if i say this for those people Smileys
who did those lame things.

Smileys there few messages i would drop here:
please use your brain&think twice before u act Smileys

and also the last things~
Now few place had famous with Japanese Rock style.
So Don't mess up with those people who admire them&try to become like them.
that is Japanese Rock style not aKa lala/seafood.

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Anonymous said...

you're pretty :)