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Monday, October 19, 2009


SorPo de eye~!
o(T.T)o bcum panda jor!Smileys
found out from my sis hp~!
[ my notty didi ]
Chinese chess~!
My snackzzzz~!!!!
2day dunno wad 2 blog wor!
yesterday burn midnight oil wit nicole{my daughter}
we studied history.woohoo...Smileys1st time i so concentrate in history.i studied history&texting with PoohBear&banana didi[spm students]Nicole[f4]&ruki.me&PoohBear discuss wen can cum out have a group studies[cux tat time i asking for sivik project a]nicole whre gving me history quest[i try 2 ans it]The other just text for nth[?? what mean?]Smileys I studied&text till 3am.tat time my eye start red d.make me kept rub my eye[so pek cik]den morning need clean up my dusty&messySmileys room.damn slpy ler.My sis start clean up her table that fills with f1,2&3 books.when i can clean up my table?? still need wait more two monthsSmileys,i only can clean up the mess! i just wanna say~! bye bye form4&5 books!!Smileys


ƒörèvër HL said...

i am also taking spm this year...
wanna faster say goodbye to all the text books and reference books...
can't wait for spm to finish!!!haha...

wah u so good wanna do group study o? if i go group study sure will become bual team..haha....^o^


Vampire Maemi Nakamura said...

u oso spm dix yr??
who are u o...
me too...
wanna say bye bye 2 spm as soon as possible..
but nid say hi to college.

hope wont talk talk wen having group studies....haha..

ƒörèvër HL said...

yaya...i am going to sit for spm this year...
haha...i am HL lo...^^

all the best for you ya...


Vampire Maemi Nakamura said...

i link u jor..

same 2 u..
gambateh kudasai~!!
and oso...
nice 2 met u...