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Saturday, September 5, 2009

i'm Big,Big Girl...
in A Small,small World..
it's not a Big,Big things..
If u hates mi..
But i do,do feel that i do,
do will sick you much~!
sick you much~!

suddenly make this c2pid lyric...
now i was plurking....
i'm addicted 2 plurk~!!
i tink 2day de mood...
damn suckxxxx....
i really not in the mood 2 do everthing~!!
just feel like wanna calm down..
and think a lot stuff~!
this few day..
i become like tat...
since anyone tot i used this blog 2 dirty their image...
i wont express my feeling and my problem..
thru blog anymore..

i really din have the feel 2 do it anymore..
i just wanna kept in the heart~!!


Huan said...

hah... you addicted to plurk huh... I addicted to programming now.. haha XD

coconut said...

wad's tat??

Huan said...

create program lo... I learn basics only though... XD

coconut said...

program is like tat o..
u mean computer o wad de??
if learn computer design de basic stufff...
if for mi sure fail dix subject~