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Thursday, August 20, 2009


at last can relax~!!!
exam End d~!!
at Last my Exam Over...
I mean my 1st trial...
i quiet happy with it...
cux No more stress~!!!
no more Tired~!!
but oso:
feel moody~!
No Holiday~!!
sTill the same..
mY house= ScHooL
but scHooL better than house..
cux got library..Pc Lab and Frenzs include teachers~!!
den 2day free period..
in schooL talk bout each other mum...
Every Mum are the Same??[do u believe dix wrd?]
i believe this word~!
Every Mum are the same..just they treat us in diff way~!
cux 2day Me...
Yoke kien[mumi] and vincent were discuss each other mum...
all say mum atttitude are the same...
i had no coment with tat..
den talk bout movie..
alot movie are showing..
i wanna watch..
final destination4...
i wanna watch all during my holiday~!
but kenot....
i cant go out~!!!!!
den reach house d..
same thing happen..
argue again..
y i cant talk properly with her ler?
when she simply talk things i sure get angry..
dunno y...
i promise dad 2 control my expression...
but hard..
cux frm small till nw i jux knw 2 argue..
dunno 2 calm down...
y i can let other pple say mi..
bt y i cant stand when my mum simply say mi..
but i try ignore it la..
when she start say o scold mi~!!
must do it~!
I tink 1st war~!!
i will lose~!
bt i will prepare it well...
till 2nd and 3rd war~!!
u watch out SPM..
u confiscate my..
Shopping Day..
Online Time
i sure will take revange~!!
wad u tink bout mi...
My life In the Darkness~!!
i wanna knw it~!!
giv mi a way~!!
i reali dun1 grow up...
make mi suck up~!
i hope so~!

i hope i can capture my life thru camera...
without telling anybody my feeling...
without anybody know about my things...
i hope they can know my...
feeling..expression and my things...
thru my picture~!!
i hope can do it~!!
it's reali suck up~!!

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