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Thursday, July 9, 2009

y?? haix~ i hate it~!!

does FeiMui reali happy??

2day i very tired...
i reach school d oso blur blur..
plus more so mani pple sick..
even mi gonna sick soon...
nw d start sore throat,cough and flu d~~
den our 1st lesson is...
english lesson...
wow..2 period lerx..
so sleepy de..
bt teacher let us watch movie..
actually wan watch Micheal Jackson de video..
bt the pc cant function well..
den v watch movie lorx..

skip skip...

wen break time....
mi and The babes and The Dudes..
went 2 canteen for breakfast..
bt i din eat la...
although i starving... [cux i on diet]
suddenly KJ(kellie's bf) bought cupcake 4 Kelllie[so sweet]
bt upsad...
HP simply say bad things 2 kellie..
make kellie tink everything oso -tively..
kinda hate dix kind of person...
im sorry 2 said tat~

wen our break over~
kellie suddenly cried..
i try 2 comfort her..
but failed..
she reali gt deep hurt.....
she kept cry and say ownself no use..
my eye full wit tears..
the tears drip down frm my eye..
my turn 2 cry...
cux i cant stand wit it..
tat a guys who lyk 2 hurts gals feeling...
den in the end again make her happy....
izt tat very fun???

den everyone start moody and emo..
in tat time...
even mi..
bt sudenly during science lesson...
mi and yk laugh out loud~
cux teacher call us...
combine those element in 1 wrd..
make a easy wrd 2 remember the wrd...
SNBT[superwomen n batman together]
till the last lesson..
math lesson..
the dudes~ were..
make a mess wit poster~
evrybody laugh lyk hell...
even our teachers..
f5 students reali still din relise their spm cuming soon~

bt 2day..
i reali moody~
kept tink bout books~
1. carrer/studies[for my future]
2. enjoy~
mayb the love i'll put at the last~
jux the way i can do it~
i reali wan earn alots alots moni...
i reali wan get credits in my spm...
2 let my dream cum true~~~
can i did it???

so suffer..
my heart very pain...
i wanna release my stress~~~
i wanna cry~
i wanna shout put loud~
i wan back my hyper mood~
i wan my ambition cum true~
i wan get credits in my spm~
i dunwan grow up~

should i giv up??
can i make it??
can i make my dream cum true??
y the challenge make us suffer??
wen can i release the stress??
could i gt credits in my spm??
could i fix bak my studies??
my brain full wit dix quest~


Huan said...

Your dreams will come true if you fully believe it. And believe me, maybe after grow up you life will be harder, but it'll be more interesting as you'll face more challenges. And don't forget to go Putrajaya if you want to scream out loud. XDXD Call me when you go Putrajaya XDXDXDXXDXD

coconut said...

i very scare 2 grow up...
it's make mi wanna die...
i cant accept tat i in f5~~
i reali nid 2 scream out loud~!!
i cant even slp well..
plus more..
i very hard 2 breath~~
2day at schl i suddenly cry~
without any reason~~