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Friday, July 17, 2009

trip?? o wad??

had make decision~~!!

i very lazi wor..
i very lazi wanna go schl....
cux schl wanna bring us 2 career fair~[ i tink so]
the Fair at SSS[ Sekolah Seri Suria][hulu langat]
our 1st schl~~[i tink so]
1st time i went there..
their school facilities better than us...
but the warmes of students our school are better than them....
cux our school full of carring although our facilities still nt yt update~~
i had took alot college brochure....
i wan get suitable college..
i wan study hotel management and stewardess de..
hope i can get t~~
i wish 2 get it~~
kekex ^6^
wen bak time...
all those dudes sot jor~
they say~
v nw goin went 2 genting highland as trip~ =.=
kinda lame~
den around 2 sumting reach school~~
2day the mood okla..
50% 50%
but 2day kellie at schl~~
kenot say...
haha..they very sweet~~[kellie wit her boy]
haha.. they very dare 2 do it~~

jux for 2day la...
ntg special oso...


oink potential said...

if for me i will choose hotel management more thn stewardess bcoz stewardess u need to go interview and if they didnt pick u thn u muz wait for other session and if wan to be stewardess muz work for singapore air line or other airline better...and i hear ppl say actually stewardess oso not easy to study and dunnoe reach wat age thn muz quit d and become stewardess not oni will fly on plane mayb oso will work at counter..haha...and so better study a course tat more stable is good for yr future...and u can get some information from xiao ping jie jie coz last time she oso study hotel management...haha..mayb i finish my design course i m goin to study hotel management tooo see whether i can get advance in web design o not...

coconut said...

i study both...
hehe ^6^
u oso wan study hotel o...
wad college o??

oink potential said...

mayb la...if i can handle my wed design well thn will go uk study web if not i will go study hotel management lo...mayb choosing inti genting or Taylor but Taylor they say gt lot assignment and practice very stress...think b4 choose lo...don regret later...like me choose the wrong course and cant handle well and make own self more stress

coconut said...

go uk study..
very stress de wor..
taylor o inti?
tat two college gud mer??
bt i folllow my fren go Kdu study hotel management...

oink potential said...

ya i hear ppl say taylor
the planning of the program are good
and inti genting they gt relation
with genting de hotel
my frenz study there
they say the teacher scare student de

coconut said...

lyk tat o...
dunno lerx...
i c hw 1st..
nw i din plan..
wanna study which college 1st...
wait spm finis oly say~