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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

= nothingToComment =

wanna cry~

2day at schl...
having a competition..
make sandwhich competition...
[ our sandwhich]
they bz making sandwhich
cute lerx..
gt shape de...

so cham..
i tink yesterday night got thunder gua...
cux yesterday nite...
i dunno i awake o dreaming..
cux i heard loud thunder....
den i 55 hide inside the blanket...
cux i scare wit it....
den in the morning..
my aunt say..
yesterday nite got thunder...

2day my mood~~

happy IIII 20%
moody IIIIIIII 40%
Emo II 10%

tat's my mood~
i oso dunno wad 2 write jorx..
jux for 2day...
miss ya babes and dudes..
* thkx 2 kellie make sandwhich for mi 2 eat
* thkx hP feed mi eat sandwhich
* congratulation v had won 1st place in making sandwhich
* hope i can gt bak myself
*** wen i can hyper bak ***

again~~ tink~
kept tink bout books~
1. carrer/studies[for my future]
2. enjoy~
mayb the love i'll put at the last~
jux the way i can do it~
i reali wan earn alots alots moni...
i reali wan get credits in my spm...
2 let my dream cum true~~~
can i did it???

so suffer..
my heart very pain...
i wanna release my stress~~~
i wanna cry~
i wanna shout put loud~
i wan back my hyper mood~
i wan my ambition cum true~
i wan get credits in my spm~
i dunwan grow up~

should i giv up??
can i make it??
can i make my dream cum true??
y the challenge make us suffer??
wen can i release the stress??
could i gt credits in my spm??
could i fix bak my studies??
my brain full wit dix quest~


Huan said...

hehe.... last night got rain very heavily... my laptop wet, you know...
And make sandwich didn't make one for me la... haha XD

Earn lots of money is not hard, get credit in SPM is not difficult, and make your dreams come true is easy. Just that you believe it or not XD Haha give too many lectures here.... as if I am really so good... XD

coconut said...

den nw ur laptop sick jor lo...
tat 1.
nt i make de..
my fren make de..
i jx eat oly...

i try my best 2 do it~~