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Monday, July 27, 2009

hmn~~ did i enjoy it??

Does FeiMui..
get bak her life??
25th July 2009~!
V all Went 2 The Curve~!

_Frenzs hu Din Attend_
*Wai Meng & Kai Sheng*
Chun Hoe,Ming Yick,Cheong Yick,Sin Hang,Yao Shen,Kae Chyn
Yoke Kien,Mi
_The CouPles_
Ping Zheng & Rui Chin,Terrence & Hui Pink,Kellie & KJ

* Things v Done At There *
> Cinema [Watch Lost of Land]
the movie kinda lame and funny~!

> RedBox
tat time i was damn High~!!
high till Standing on the table and dance...
even on the Sofa~!!!

> went 2 Ikano
> Popular Bookstore
i was finding guitar books..
suddenly i went 2 cd place..
they sell Lar An Ciel cd~!! [freak]
bt i din bought it T.t

> Pet Shop
i wanted 2 buy toroise for my sis..
bt it cost rm6500~!
damn expensive..
at last din bought it...
den i ply wit the Husk~!
damn cute..
i lub tat dog type~!!
look Cool~~

v bak around 4 sumting..
damn early~!!
den the nex round...
v went 2 our place de Jusco[bkt tinggi de]

DuDes ^
_Cheong Yick,Kae Chyn,Ping Zheng_
_ Jessie[mi lo]_

v have shop at there..
den c those cars...
den jux tat oly la...

27th July 2009~!

2day i kinda...

enjoy my day~~
hehe ^6^
bt oso veli veli tired...
ytrday late slp again..
2day our school having mandarin week~!
dunno hw many times on the stage d~
2day kinda enjoy singing song on the stage~
i din feel scare lerx....
cux tat time..
i went for guitar camp..
i tat time veli veli scare..
scare till hand cold...
bt nw i enjoy veli much~
Kellie thkx 4 ur support babe
[ I heard it baby~!!(you shout veli loud)]

hehe ^6^
bt i din take pic T.T

i hope kellie and KJ de relationship gt better~
hope KJ knw 2 think d....
dun owex hurt my lui lerx...

jux for 2day la...
miss ya babes and dudes~

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