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Monday, July 13, 2009

can my HAPPY mood stay owex~

ytrday went 2 Jusco wit my bro n sis~
both notty sister and brother...

i woke up around 12p.m
late jor~
actually wan woke up at 10am de..
cux wan go Jusco early~~
wen v reach there..
around 2 sumting...
v imediately went buy tickets~
actually v wan watch Transfomer 1st..
hw i knw all the time oso full d~
except 7.30pm...
so v both ticket lorx....

finis buying ticket..
v went to the food corner there..
searching for suitable restaurant 4 us....
v walk there around for few minutes~~~
at last..
v choose Pizza Hut~ ==

dix the Pizza Hut list~
do u knw read it??
my silly brother~
mushroom soup~
garlic bread,large Hut Platter~
pizza~ dunno wad roll~
v spend at Pizza Hut~
for 1 hour pluss~~
haha...cux too mani food jor~
bt at last i break my record...
i can eat tat lot wor~
den v again late for movie~
v watch ice age3
tat movie quite funny...
and oso the baby Dino~
sooo~~ cute...
i wanna adopt baby dino~
bt i the extinct d~~

2nd round~
v having out tea time..
at secret recipe~~
wad r they doing??
wad the heck they all laughing at?
mi~ wit my choco drink~
enjoying my tea time~
marble cheese cake~ ^6^ my favour~
i bcum panda jor~ T.T
cux din slp well~
pay lur~~

the last movie~~
damn nice their action~
dun miss it~~
u all mux go watch ohrx~~
ytrday i met my cousin..
wit their family~
they oso watch same movie,same time,same place wit us~
bt nt same room~~~

so wasted..
i no time 2 buy shoes and my cloth~
nex time i'll buy it~
thkx my mum buy Dunkin doughnut for mi!

i hope my mood owex the same~~ is 2 b HAPPY~
bt 2day in school..
feel moody again~
i less talk~
kinda weird~
my mind again tink alot....
wen i do ntg~
another things is...
2day v lock up in the toilet..
v purposely do it de la..
jux for 2day~
miss ya babes and dudes~~


Huan said...

Heh... see you had so much fun... why think so much..?? XD Just do what you want. Haha... and enjoy you days XD

coconut said...

i'm trying 2 enjoy~~~